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  1. I lived in Phoenix, AZ for two years and took many roadtrips throughout the surrounding areas. I’d never heard of Eliphante before and feel very sad that I missed it during my time in the southwest. After reading the New York Times article I had to visit your site. I must say that this work of art really transcends what one would normally think of as “art”. It is so beautiful that your husband created something so breathable and livable. I hope this work continues on in the future to inspire more artists!

  2. I have had the privilege of visiting Eliphante many times. It is indeed a one-of-a-kind magical place. The buildings are a mixture of Hobbit town and Hopi Indian ruins. Lots of imagination, lots of seeing, lots of presence in these relics of a great artist, Michael Kahn, and his wife Leda.

  3. What an amazing visit we had this week! Perfect way to celebrate our anniversary! Thank you to Tracy + partner for their excellent caretaking! This place is beyond beautiful! What a gift! And we sooo fell in love with Midas!!! THANK YOU !!! This place must be preserved! 🙂

  4. In 2006 we took pictures at Eliphante that we used for our wedding announcements. There is no more unique art exhibit/home in all of the American Southwest.

  5. For anyone who that ever thought for an instant they might dare to live their fantasy …take a peep at someone who really did!
    You MUST check out this place! Such a wonder!
    They need help so PLEASE donate to preserve and restore Eliphante. I plan to, anyway I can!

  6. Dear Leda,

    I was the young boy (around 10-14) who lived across the creek and up on the bluffs near you and Michael for a few years. You and Michael extended a critically important hand of friendship to me during a dark time in my family.

    I returned to visit you over a few years as teen and young adult, the last was an ill-fated trip in the early 1990s with companions who did not understand how wonderful you and Michael were and how special your home is. I never had the chance to return and communicate this and correct what I felt was an unfortunate last parting.

    I am so sad to hear that Michael has passed. I am also regretful that I haven’t visited you all again since I was that struggling young man. But at least I can use this to let you know that you and Michael were supremely special to me. Your friendship and my time spent at Eliphante was a lifeline I needed during a tumultuous period in my young life. I can’t thank you enough for that gift.

    Finding this website was a strange and miraculous trip back to visit you two and my memories of Eliphante from my youth. Thank you for everything you gave me over the years we were neighbors and fell travelers along Oak Creek.

    1. Happy New Year Rob!

      Of course I remember you, and our trips to gather native plants for Eliphante. Those were intense years for many of us, and I am glad we had a connection.

      My best wishes, Leda

  7. My whole life I have been told about this place- that I HAD to see it… and OMG!! They were right! I cannot WAIT to connect on this!!

    Love, Dawnie!!!

  8. Hi Ryan and Tracy, I really enjoyed watching the short film on eliphante. What really caught my interest was the glass art and the quantum aspect of the images they make when focusing differently at it with the eye.

    I recently looked up the etymology or definition of certain words that i think could give u some food for thought, or taste for further repairs on the beautiful art u have there already, in your reality. “semantics”, and also “cognitive”, or “cognitive memory”. and maybe a little bit off “photo-synthesis”. I was contemplating about these definitions, and the art that’s already there in nature, seems to compliment these specific words.

    If ever u get inspired by these words for your new generation of eliphante, i would be happy to hear from you… i would like to live on a site like this one day. its a bit cold here in Canada 5-6 months of the year.

    What about solar panels or fish ponds? i came up with an efficient plan drawing for raising fish, and what to grow easily to feed them. all natural and easy to maintain most importantly. if u write me back i wouldn’t mind sending u the plans for free. hope to hear from you. imagine a thick glass wall with load bearing structure not too big like an under passage with this over you, with fish for show or for food to raise.. sun shining thru. i was really impressed with micheal`s art.

    sincerely, louis tudino

  9. hey me again.. youre going to think im funny here but i tried a new kind of salad recently.. the leaves are ruffled and they taste like broccoli.. im sure if u were to grow a garden of this, u 2 would be very happy … by far not comparable to normal lettuce salad, though i dont know the name but u 2 would go crazy if u grew this. really orgasms in the taste bud. hope u find it!

  10. Eliphante is one of the most unique and beautiful works of art I have ever seen.

    The love that went into it’s creation, the care and attention that so obviously shines through is amazing. You will not encounter anything else like it, I am sure.

    Sedona is a magic place full of treasures, but none outshines the the gift that was left behind here at Eliphante.

  11. I was fortunate enough to encounter Leda and Michael several years back, by visiting (unknowingly) during non-visitor hours. Leda was kind enough to give us a brief tour and let us explore to our art’s content.

    A magical place I will never forget.

    Leda, if you are out there, you may remember our visit, I am a potter from Phoenix and a friend who lives in Cornville delivered some handmade pottery bowls to you after our visit, I hope you are still able to use them! Hugs and Thank You! <3

  12. I had no expectations whatsoever when my friend Carla and I visited Eliphante last Sunday, thanks to an invite from Cole -sp? (La-Dee-Da!). What a magically surreal (surreally magical? ; ] ) place!! I look forward to getting involved somehow, and visiting once again. I think my favorite spot was the kitchen. ; ] Thanks for the coffee and souvenirs, Cole! And for keeping Eliphante vibrant and alive!! xo

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