Membership is the lifeblood of Eliphante. Thank you tremendously for your support!

Together, we get everything! ~Michael Kahn

Here’s what we offer you:

Request Advance Appointments to Visit Eliphante
As a member, you may request, at least 72 hours in advance, to the Eliphante caretakers that you enjoy the grounds of Eliphante! We make sure the place is reasonably accessible and ready for your visit, while you get to imagine the different ways you’ll describe that favorite piece of yours to your friends. New membership does not guarantee a visit to the property; instead, members are invited as personal guests of Eliphante caretakers at their discretion and availability. Additional visits are subject to an additional nominal donation (see fees below) to support the property, and the same terms as described above.
Attend Exclusive Members-Only Events
Every season, Eliphante strives to make a memorable experience happen for members to enjoy. You can be on our exclusive members-only email list and get early notice on upcoming events and gatherings at Eliphante. Some events charge a nominal fee to cover project costs; however, Eliphante will continue to offer free to members!
Propose an Event to Host at Eliphante
Do you see your next special something happening at Eliphante? As a member, we’re all ears for your idea! Send us a note and we’ll go from there.
Refer a Friend and Save
Your word means more than ours! Tell your friends about Eliphante, and any one who mentions you upon their membership as a referral will allow you to receive a Referral Credit! Referral Credit can be applied to any Eliphante visit, event or workshop fees, unless otherwise noted.

And what we ask of you in return:

Carry Yourself Responsibly
In respect of everyone, we require that all members and guests exercise reasonable discretion and safe practices while visiting Eliphante or participating in an Eliphante related event. This means no excess influences or illegal substances are allowed on the grounds, adjacent properties or off-premises event venues. Members of Eliphante agree to the Membership terms within this document, as well as all the terms described within the ALL ACTIVITY WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY, as signed in person.
Respect private property
All of the grounds of Eliphante are a work of art. While it may look sturdy, things may not necessarily be built to be jumped off, and often not even leaned on. Please be extra careful when interacting with the artwork, sculptures, and even the vegetation. The desert is a fragile place, and you never know who is watching out for your heavy foot to come crushing down on them.
Pack it in, Pack it out
Please take only pictures and leave only footsteps. While this environment is shared and cared for by people not unlike yourself, please Leave No Trace. Remember, nature has no housekeeper, and Eliphante’s housekeeping is a big enough job already!
Vehicle Parking in Designated Areas Only
As an otherworldly environment, we hope your adventure begins with a boat crossing along Oak Creek, and immersing into a wonderland of lush color and rich texture. An unexpected vehicle within the grounds can quickly take the experience ‘back to reality’, while instead we encourage you to lose yourself around every corner. So please ‘lose’ your car in one of our designated parking areas only.
Chain of Responsibility
These terms will be honored and enforced by the host of any guest of Eliphante, as these terms apply to any guests, and guests of their guests when present.
Membership Surrendered On Demand
Your membership may be revoked on demand by any officer, director, caretaker, ambassador, employee or agent of Eliphante, if any of these terms are not honored, or upon any endangering or strongly disrespecting behaviors not specifically described within these terms.
Membership Terms May Change
These terms are subject to change without notice. What isn’t expected to change these days, anyway?

Membership Donations & Fees

Membership Donations
**Basic Membership $40
**Returning Member Visits $30
**Returning Member Guest Visits $35
General Fees
Lost Membership Card Replacement $15
New Member Referral Credit $5
**All visits subject to private arrangements made with caretakers and confirmed with at least 72 hours advance notice.**
**Group (6 or more) Fees vary. Please ask.
**Special Event Fees vary. Please ask.