The Psychedelic Art Project That Is Eliphante Village – The Huffington Post – 2016

It’s not often that you can visit a magical psychedelic world without taking drugs, but Eliphante Village offers just that. The strange art project began with a couple who were gifted three acres of land in Cornville, Arizona to do with as they please. Back in 1979 Michael Kahn and his wife Leda built the first organic structures of what would become a village over decades of hard work and creativity. It’s a strangely surreal place that has to be seen to be believed.

Eliphante is named after the first structure that was created which (slightly) resembles an elephant. To get to the village you have to pull yourself across a stream, but once you’ve arrived you’ll be greeted by hundreds of art pieces, sculptures, displays, and secret passages. And all of it is built by hand, organically from rocks, branches, and whatever the couple could find lying around.

The Kahns worked on the village for 28 years until Michael passed away in 2007, and his wife decided to pass on the torch. Today Eliphante Village has new volunteer caretakers working to restore the village from damage by harsh climate conditions and wild animals. They also throw parties once in awhile, which all members are invited to. The caretakers believe that they must be able to adapt to what nature provides, carrying on the legacy of Mr. Kahn.

Article by Outspeak via The Huffington Post