Narrow Larry’s Selected Visionary Folk Art in the US

Located south of Sedona, near the town of Cornville, Arizona, Eliphante is a mesmerizing sculptural and architectural environment created over the past 20 years by artists Mike Kahn and Leda Livant.

Set on three acres adjacent to a creek bed, the composition consists of three main structures:
· Eliphante, the original construction, with a cave-like entrance tunnel that leads to a magnificent vaulted room complete with a built-in piano and walls of driftwood mosaics and colored glass.
· Pipe Dreams, where Mike & Leda display their paintings and sculpture.
· The Hippodome, Mike & Leda’s living quarters, furnished with beautiful free-form wood furniture.

In addition, the grounds are accented with arbors, gardens, a pool, and sculptures. The only thing Eliphante does not have is extra film / memory card for your camera. You will need it.

~By Lawrence Harris


Photos & article courtesy of NarrowLarry