Home Work: Handbuilt Shelter

ELIPHANTE – Michael Kahn’s Sculptural Village in the Arizona Desert

Pipe Dreams is Mike’s most recent building, and it’s an art gallery of his paintings, a labyrinth of a building with dozens of rooms, tableaus, displays of paintings, fabrics, tilework, stonework, stained-glass-colored beams of light reflecting on walls and floors. Mike’s friends David O’Keefe and Michael Glastonbury collaborated with him in the spontaneous creation and construction process.

As you can see from these eight pages, Mike ended up building a sculptural village. He says he was inspired mostly by sculptor Conrad Malicoat of Provincetown, and by the book Shelter, “. . . not only ideas and techniques, but an undercurrent of creative inspiration, a trust that things will work out.”

[envira-gallery slug=”home-work”] Source: The Shelter Blog