Member Visits By Appointment

Members of Eliphante can enjoy their own private experience of the grounds with the choice of a guided or self-guided visit to the private artist residence and commons. Advanced appointments are required except on open-house days, like Eliphante’s Last Sunday Potluck & Open House.

Please do not just arrive randomly and hope to be warmly greeted or accommodated by one of the many on-site caregivers. Instead, visit the Eliphante Membership page to become a member and arrange your appointment at least 24 hours in advance for a private experience of Eliphante.
Thanks for understanding, and we’re looking forward to seeing you!

Last Sunday Potluck

Every month, Eliphante Village welcomes guests and members to come out and visit with the caregivers, explore the grounds, and share in the bounty of a community-provided vegetarian meal. Membership is not required to attend a potluck. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP and we can send you more information.

Also, on Last Sundays of the month, membership is offered on-site at a 20% discount!   We hope you can join us!

What Else?

What Else?